Luminin - Anthony Mercer/Josh Mercer
About me
Hello everyone I'm Luminin. I go by Luminin, Lumi, Josh, etc etc pretty much whatever and I'm a Lead Administrator here along with managing the server's Public Relations. I've been playing SA-MP since 2009, and I've been role-playing since about 2010, when I started off on a pretty well populated light roleplay server. I've been through multiple communities since then, taking periodic breaks. I've just returned recently and joined this lovely community. I'll be roleplaying as the Colonel of SASP (Pre-Release applications are located @ Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to see everyone around!
Have any questions/concerns? Don't hesitate to get in contact with me! Discord: Luminin#1722


Re: Luminin

Smiths wrote: I'm Jacob Smiths if you remember me and it's really a pleasure having you here and can't wait until I roleplay with you.
simpleroot wrote:Good having you here!
Dodger wrote:
Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:03 am
I'm glad to have you with us in the staff team.
Thank you guys! And @Smiths I do remember you!