SERVER RULES - 27/12/2017

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SERVER RULES - 27/12/2017

Postby simpleroot Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:49 pm


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Server Rules

Be mostly respective on OOC chats, always think about the 'respect to be respected' proverb. Roleplay at all times, voiding a RP situation is only allowed when a administrator confirms it. Always listen to admin orders, even if they seem unfair/wrong. Admin's decision is final and shall only be changed if he wishes so. Never quit the game just because you are in a disadvantage etc. If you call for a admin you should keep roleplaying instead of waiting for the admin to come to your aid. Don't PM on-duty admins regarding something that should be reported instead. Bugs should be reported on the forums/to a online administrator.
Punishments: Anything ranging from a verbal warning to a ban on repeated offense.

Metagaming is the act where one uses OOC information in an IC matter. Usage of VOIP applications (TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord) is allowed only if every player has a useable radio in his inventory (This does not include ON-DUTY LEOs). Your /me, /ame, /do, /my's should not include something that other cannot see, smell, taste, touch etc. Common Courtesy applies.
* David_Park sees Willy_West's nametags and calls his name out without knowing him ICly.
* Daniel_William calls his friend on Skype to come online to help him in a pursuit.
Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

Powergaming is the act where one forces other players into RP actions without proper roleplay/reason. Roleplay of supernatural powers if prohibited. When roleplaying actions upon another player, be sure to ask if any action is possible through /do. Making things up so that they are on your side of things is prohibited. Roleplaying stuff that is impossible script-wise is prohibited. Common Courtesy applies.
* David_Park does a /me grabs the building and throws it into the ocean in fury.
* Alissa_Park roleplays forgetting her marijuana at home when she has it script-wise on her.
* Jordan Waters roleplays that his NPC friends attack the police officer confronting him.
Punishments: Anything from a ajail on most cases to a ban.

Abusal of SA-MP Physics is prohibited and should never be done. This includes anything that could give you a advantage.
* David_Park bunny hops over a high fence with his BMX.
* Daniel_Osborn does a drive-by as a driver while at a high-speed.
Punishments: Anything from a ajail on most cases to a ban.

Any visual mod that doesn't interfere with SAMP (width, height etc..) is allowed. CLEO Mods / Patches should be requested to be allowed to used before anything.
* David_Park uses a higher vehicle model so he could get more protection in a shootout.
* Daniel_Osborn uses a CLEO Camera Hack to spy on people.
Punishments: Anything from a ajail on most cases to a ban.

Deathmatch is the act where one attacks another player without proper RP reasons/for fun.
* Willy_Davidson shoots Andrew_Jones because he said insults about his mother.
* Tony_Bamanaboni brings his gang into a rival neighborhood to shoot people for fun.
Punishments: Anything from a ajail on most cases to a ban.

Safezones are points where players are protected from robberies/violence etc. This does not apply if you ran into the safezone while being attacked.
* Town Hall
* All the SASP stations
* Fire Stations
* Hospitals
* Banks (You need permission from Management to perform a bank robbery)
* All governmental buildings
* Job Locations.

Disgusting Roleplay is completely prohibited and should only be done with everyone's permission who is implicated. Disgusting Roleplay compasses everything from rape to brutal torture.
Punishments: Admin Jail poses as the punishment.

Players under level 2 should not be robbed/scammed neither Players under level 2 should rob/scam. You can only rob a maximum of two times a day.Robbery limit is 500$ while the Scamming Limit is 25,000$. As to personal belongings such as weapons or drugs, there are no limits on these. You may only rob the same player once per day. Scamming of House/Vehicle etc. is prohibited. Loaning and Illegal Gambling is done at your own risk. Lastly, you are not allowed to murder the victim of the robbery, unless they provoke the robber.
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result of an OOC Admin Jail, to a ban depending on the severity.
Auto Keybinding is basically when a player uses a program such as AutoHotKey or SA:MP Keybinder to set a timer to prevent being AFK, or in some way exploiting the in game AFK timer in order to get a paycheck or money from a job.
You cannot have a bind with a timer that can continuously do something in order for you to make money. An example is shown below:
Allowed Key Binding:
/m This is the San Andreas State Police, pull over to the side of the road, turn off your engine and remain seated.
Not Allowed Key Binding:
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result in a temporary or a permanent ban depending on the situation.

Installing any type of modifications (cleo, s0beit, .exe) to your GTA SA directory to gain unfair advantage over other players is completely forbidden, period.
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban. No exceptions are made.

13. Spamming / Excessive use of /b
Spamming is flooding the chat, /report or any other commands with the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. You are not allowed to spam the any chat or commands on our server. A minimum of 4 of the same lines is considered spamming the chat.
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result in an OOC kick, to a ban depending on the severity.

14. Money Farming
Money farming is the act of creating several characters to send the starting money or any assets of the account to your main account to gain advantage over other players, this includes, but not limited to transferring assets from your friend's account (vehicles, houses, businesses, money) or any other IG currency.
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban to both accounts and a wipe of all their assets.

14. Server Advertising
Advertising any other servers on our servers is not allowed, doing so will result in a harsh punishment.
Example: /b "Hey dude join this server 1m refund free 'server ip'"
Punishments: Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban .

-Use common sense, if it is not in the rules doesn't mean it's allowed. This is a heavy roleplay server, think if your action is possible IRL or not, if you are unsure of the answer ask an Administrator.
This can be updated at any time, the date near the title is the last time it was updated!
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Re: SERVER RULES - 27/12/2017

Postby Dodger Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:20 am

Updated 27/12/2017.
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