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[POLL] Future BETA release


We're coming closer and closer to our release as days pass, and we're set to open a BETA in a week or two, if everything goes according to plan.
Our original plan was to host a closed BETA, a few members would be selected to play and discover any bugs that we can filter out in the final release.

I'd like to hear what the community has to say about this, so there will be a poll open for five days on this topic where you can vote and decide on what'll happen to our BETA. The BETA will last atleast one or two days, but may be for longer depending on outcome.

There are a few options:
  • Option A: Completely public BETA, however this does mean that we will reset the database at the end to filter out any users that may have abused a bug to generate alot of money without us noticing (doubtful) amongs other reasons.
  • Option B: A closed BETA, we will allow players to sign up and we will pick the most active players to participate, this will mean however that the BETA will take a little longer since there will probably be less players to test it out.
    Option C: A closed BETA, however this time we will allow anybody to sign up without any requirements or evaluating, just sign up and you're in.
Thank you for your patience!