Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Important news and updates from management regarding Bone County Roleplay.
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Re: Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Postby simpleroot Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:15 am

REVISION 0.2 (a)
- Added donator features,
- Fixed bugs regarding DMV and death.
- Added placeholder for DMV,
- Added SASP Forums.
- Added BCFD Forums.
Bone County Roleplay

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Re: Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Postby Lenny Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:31 pm

Bone County Roleplay Revision 0.22(a)
  • Added an admin record system which is tied to your master account, with a reference to your character.
  • Added some additional Admin commands
  • Disabled the entire registration system, and rewrote the login system - registrations are now entirely handled through the newly made UCP with a quiz and a character story, Administrators can approve, temporarily deny or permanently deny applications as they wish.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when you change somebody's admin level to avoid accidental changes.
  • Passwords are now safely and uniquely salted and hashed within the database, if a data breach were to happen (very, very doubtful), passwords can no longer be retrieved (almost impossible).
  • There is now a proper loading screen when selecting your character - this is mainly for a graphical effect so you don't have to see all the boring stuff happen behind the scenes, but it also makes freezing due to mapping loading in alot less noticable.
  • Added access logs, every time you select a character, detailed information about your client is stored and can be retrieved.
  • Prepared some additional database tables for a new weapons system with detailed logging, and made preparations for an entirely dynamic faction system.
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Re: Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Postby Lenny Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:56 pm

Bone County Roleplay Revision 0.4(a)
  • Added a vehicle interface with textdraws.
  • Added a proper banning system, with textdraws.
  • Vehicles will now shut down when severely damaged, and cannot be turned back on.
  • Added fuel consumption, fuel starts dropping once engine is turned on, this value is tiny though, increases with speed.
  • Added a realistic speedometer, atleast as realistic as possible.
  • Added beeps when your fuel is critically low, will be a preference option.
  • Added more mapping by Nordic.
  • Added an entirely functional weapon system with a theoretically unbreachable anti-weapon cheat.
  • Added a basic admin-vehicle system.
  • Added more admin commands.
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Re: Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Postby Lenny Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:16 pm

Bone County Roleplay 0.5(a)
  • UCP: registrations are now fully finished, mails must also be verified.
  • Added a fully functional faction system, factions must first be created through the ACP and then they will be accessible in-game.
  • Added dynamic ranks, a Lead Admin+ can define the maximum amount of ranks a faction will use, maximum 20 ranks per faction. LA+ aswell as the faction leader(s) can change the rank names.
  • Command rank system: any faction leader (Highest rank, and one rank below) can assign command privileges to a certain rank, that rank aswell as any above it can use command privileges such as promoting, inviting members to the faction and dismissing them.
  • Faction types: when creating a faction, the LA+ can create three types: legal, illegal and government. Government factions will be dependant on the Government for budget, legal will have their very own faction bank and illegal factions won't have a faction bank, however possibly a warehouse or safe system will be implemented later to store cash inside of.
  • Added a detailed money log accessible to Admins, possibly later to the players themselves too, this will ensure all player money flow can be explained.
  • Added basic vehicle commands, such as locking etcetera.
  • Added a vehicle dealership (prices will be decided by Dodger and Simpleroot).
  • Added a fully functional bank system.
  • Made preparations for a budget system, governmental factions will be responsible for their own budget, however the Government can always assign some. The Government can also give a starting budget to new legal factions should they so desire.
  • Faction paychecks: legal and government factions will be able to assign paychecks to each rank, those paychecks will come out of their faction bank.
  • Made preparations for a tax system: the County Executive can adjust tax rates on different goods, such as vehicles and general store items, aswell as on paychecks etcetera. Taxes will go directly into the Government's budget. This further supports the unique economy setting we're aiming for: perhaps an economical crisis could break out?
  • Business profit: business owners can buy individual products for their stock, and can decide upon the profit margin, this'll add an interesting way to compete with other stores.
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Re: Bone County Roleplay DEV LOG

Postby Lenny Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:28 pm

Bone County Roleplay 0.52(a)
  • Fixed an issue with /ame not showing, or any annotated message.
  • Added a radio (/r, /rfreq), available to all until business system fully finished.
  • Added a bunch of admin commands.
  • Fixed an issue or ten with the farmer job.

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